Still just squeaking by at barely one star..

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  1. Anonymous

     /  August 21, 2016

    They are definitely struggling, all the good staff left and they do layoffs every summer when funds drop off. Each Fall they do a lot of fundraising to capitalize on the generosity of the community. Most if not all of this fundraising is centered around feeding people however they also take the government funded food stamps from every individual enrolled in their program which is more than enough to provide for all the food that they’re serving, so why are they still raising money via their Direct Mail based on feeding people? Is this double-dipping? Simple logic and financial oversight would dictate they save up in fall to make up for the summer slump. But we all know they lack simple understanding of financial oversight, which is clearly depicted in their score. They also failed to put in the simple safeguards, such as a whistle blower policy and others that are recommended by their 990. People need to realize that there are other organizations here that are physically sound and that do what they say they’re going to do when they need to put their resources and volunteer hours there.


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