Billy Fox resurfaces in Santa Rosa Beach

SANTA ROSA BEACH — The rescue mission in Santa Rosa Beach will be expanding its veterans’ services with the help of a long-time mission minister.

The Rev. Billy Fox, former Panama City Rescue Mission director, has joined the Haven House Mission of Santa Rosa Beach as director of ministry development. The Haven House Mission has a Christian substance abuse recovery program for men and with Fox on board will begin expanding its outreach to veterans who developed addictions during their time of service. You don’t suppose Mr. Fox has found an untapped revenue stream of governmental funds that he can cozy up to do you? Was Fox not just terminated from the PCRM because they were changing the direction of their services” to look just like this program? If he was unfit to run the program in Panama City, why would he all of a sudden be the ideal candidate for the same program in Walton County?

Fox, an Air Force veteran, will oversee the veteran addiction recovery pilot program, which will be based on several programs developed at former ministries he has run Why are there multiple former ministries associated with Fox?. Fox said the environment of Haven House Ministry would be positive for the program’s success rate.

“It’s tough for these guys to be in a downtown setting and so close to temptation,” Fox said. “This is more tranquil, more off the beaten path. This time last year it was Fox himself that is quoted as saying that the services provided at the PCRM needed to be located downtown and that a more remote location such as what the BARC was “unworkable”. Why the change of tune?
The Haven House residential treatment center can house more than 30 men in the year-long program. Of those, 12 beds have been reserved for veterans coping with stress disorders through substance abuse.

Fox will handle church and public relations, fund development Follow the money and Mr. Fox is not too far behind and ministry enhancements. He also will teach various Bible-based lessons in addiction recovery, share in leading Sunday services and perform other ministerial duties.

Fox was ousted Note that the news media finally used the correct term of “ousted” from the Panama City Rescue Mission in 2013 when it changed its emphasis away from housing the homeless to addiction recovery and transitioning the homeless into work or more accurately that his overreaching programs to grow larger and larger populations of program participants started to have negative impact on the PCRM . Declining donations were unable to support his and his wife’s bloated six figure salaries.

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