Contrary to the Mayan calendar, the world did not end Dec. 21st and it wont end Jan 1st either



When our blog was created a little over a year ago, it was meant to be nothing more than a central location that people in our community could find information about the rescue mission as it affects our downtown. We found that the local media did and still does a poor job of reporting all of the facts so as to accurately portray the problems as they really are. Since our first post, we now have posted over 100 blog post providing a more complete perspective of the issues. We just surpassed 48,000 page views and receive over 200 emails each week. The tone of each of these emails can be easily categorized running the gamut from “stone throwers”, the ones who litter their commentary with profanity and accusing our blog of all sorts of atrocities, to the other end of the spectrum of those that come from people in our community that have seen the problems first hand and are looking for real solutions. Many times, we answer questions or even critical commentary with a personal response if we feel that a one on one approach helps that fellow citizen better understand the issue. Yesterday we received comments via our blog from a reader and felt that his comments were topical enough that they warranted a blog post of their own.

The comments were offered in reference to Mr. Fox and the PCRM announcing they will be cutting back on parts of their program and scaling back other. Our readers comments are as follows in black text with rebuttal in red:

Now the city, the mayor and the task force will have a chance to see what the homeless population is really about.  In a couple of weeks the downtown and surrounding area will be flooded by the transient population that will no longer be welcome at the mission. This is the exact tone and sence of hystaria that Mr. Billy Fox wants our community to feel with his announcement. Further more, Mr. Fox and his board of directors would have this reader and our community  to believe that it is the big, bad mayor and those evil task force people who are ganging up on poor little innocent rescue mission. What is really happening is that we have elected officials who are looking for responsible solutions to a problem that an iresponsible mission has created. Thanks a lot everyone for making this a reality. What do you think is the “reality” of what will happen Jan 1st? This is not a scene out of Jurassic park or some zombie movie that when the walls come crumbling down that literaly thousands of ravinous beings will be taking over the streets requiring the national guard to be brought in just to save our citizenry from certain death. Apologizes in advance for the sarcasm but the damage from the effects of the rescue mission has already been done. Here is what is really going to happen. As the PCRM lessens the services they provide, those transients and vagrants who are truly the problem for our community will move along as they no longer have a need to be downtown. Without a facility that has created a sense of dependency, they will no longer congregate together in our downtown area. This is the first step of fixing the problem, taking away the draw to why vagrants hover around the area of the mission.Was it really necessary to villianize Rev. Fox and the Mission as a scapegoat and precipitate this action? One can only be “villianized” if they are in fact a villian. Mr. Fox has had opportunity after opportunity to step up to the plate and become part of the solution. Instead, his organization insist on antagonizing the same community who he turns around and ask donation dollars from. Great that the new resource center will  open somewhere; you don’t even know if and when it will ever come to fruition, and in the mean time the downtown and surrounding area will really be flooded with homeless transients. What are we supposed to do then? You all wanted the problem solved but now thanks to all this needless drama, all we are going to get as of January 1st of next year is a real, first hand look at what the problem really is. God it is going to be so much worse now, and even if the resource center is accomplished, do you really believe this population is going to participate? Of course they will participate. Those who are truly looking for solutions to help them move forward, resources will be there for them. Those that are interested in nothing more than a handout and stay as parasites on our community will find that there is nothing for them.Thanks again, I thought you wanted to help!! Now we, the taxpaying citizens who live downtown, will have to pay for your lies and arrogance. We are taxpayers too. We are interested in the same as you, eliminating elements that are a drain on our public resources, property values and business receipts. We want a safe environment for our children and prosperity for our community. If “arrogance” is standing up for what is right then arrogant we are. As far as lies..there are none on our blog. Every piece of data and every fact is verifiable through third-party sources that you yourself can research. In fact there is a tremendous amount of information that has been sent to us that we have not posted that we feel IS accurate but have not posted because it is unverifiable. We committed to remain factual and our email address is posted here on our blog with an open invitation to PCRM management or board members to correct any data that is incorrect. One year later we have never received any communication from PCRM.

I agree. In principle, however, now after January 1st. all the chronic homeless as Rev. Fox calls them will have nowhere to go, accept all over our downtown. Now we are really going to find out how serious and troublesome this problem is. Now that they cannot “hang out” at the mission as they appear to do, they will have no choice but to wander the streets. Just as the end of the world didn’t happen yesterday, Jan 1st will see little change in our downtown area. What WILL happen is the problem of vagrancy will lessen. If people are trespassing, they will be arrested. If the truly needy require services, there are multiple agencies in our community that can provide needed service. The key is to have the PCRM become less of the draw. We actually consider this change by the PCRM a good thing and only the first of many steps they should be making to lower their profile. Doesn’t anyone see the can of worms we have opened. The resource center is potentially years away; they do not even have funding for the land now, even if they can find a suitable location. Then on top of that how does putting it in a location where it is unaccessable, like
Starr Ave, help. This is where logical thinking is important. Understanding what the new purposed facility is and is not allows you as an interested citizen to better make good decisions about what effects you and your community. The proposed facility is based on a campus operating philosophy where multiple agencies with a variety of unique skillsets and resources are all on one site providing the needed services for those in need. If someone requires the services of the facility, they literally can go to any of a number of service providers in town such as a salvation army or goodwill location and ask for help and they will be brought to the facility to get the help they need. Clearly this population will not opt to go somewhere where there are no resources, you mean like food and shelter that the mission has just said they are cutting back on to those who are not interested in participating in program.This is the very argument that allows us to state the fact that the new policies of the PCRM will lessen the effects of vagrancy on downtown. let alone jobs or anything else. What a mess!!!

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  1. Roger

     /  December 22, 2012

    I confess I spoke out of a sense of panic. I am sick of seeing the same people everyday loitering on the corner where I turn on my way down Harrison to 11th to make my way to the beach for work each morning. I have even started diverting to Beach Dr. instead of my usual route to avoid this scene each morning at 6 am. It irritates me and by the time I arrive at my office, having stewed about it yet again for another 25 minutes during my commute, I arrive in such a foul mood that it takes a half a pot of coffee and a handful of Advil before I can see my first client. I am just fed up and want this ongoing nightmare to cease. I have been looking at the same faces everymorning for the past 13 months since moving to the downtown area.


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