News Herald Editors…biased and practicing censorship


 Mike “Caz” Cazelas, editor of the Panama City News Herald

For the many in our community that follow our blog on a regular basis, we have heard your voices thanking us for providing valuable information about downtown and the negative effects of the PCRM on our community. You also know that local media channels report the specifics of the Panama City Rescue Mission with velvet gloves. Unfortunately, even with a general bias towards the PCRM management, our community has one media outlet that has been most flagrant in skewing information and flat out censoring information in a way that does our community a disservice. Mr. Mike Cazelas and his editorial staff at the Panama City News Herald have made it policy to not report information about the mission that could be in anyway interpreted as negative. Furthermore they will delete any post in their online forums that have anything less that flowery approval of the Rescue Mission management and even worse publicly attack those with an opposing opinion. It is the role of our community paper to report ALL of the facts allowing our citizenry to make good decisions based on good information. Is News Herald management afraid that the truth will affect subscription rates or advertising dollars or is this just more of the left wing twist that the paper historically takes? Mr. Cazelas, why are you afraid to report that there is a defined opposition to how the PCRM operates and  how their actions effects our community? Why do you systematically delete responses in your forum that are concise and well written, free of vulgarity or any other offending language other that facts? Where is your “unbiased” reporting of the new proposed facility offering the details of what hope the new facility could bring to our community? Why are you not taking your role as a conduit for accurate information for our community with the seriousness that such a position deserves? Mr. Cazelas, the facts may not always be pretty but your not reporting them in their entirety makes YOU part of the problem. There are many in our community who want nothing more than our city to have the best opportunities for prosperity and provide the needed services for those in our community in a way that uplifts our community as a whole. You sir are working against those principals and letting the community down that pays your salary .

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  1. theres a lot of money being
    made off the homeless and the poor here in p.c. childcare too warehousing children can be quite profitable especially if you hire other poor women to do all the work ………


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