Police Arrest man involved in stabbing yards from Rescue Mission


A man is in police custody, charged in connection with a stabbing in Downtown Panama City.

According to Panama City Police, officers were called to the 600 Block of Cone Avenue at about 8:30 p.m. They say a man was stabbed by another man, identified as 44-year-old Jock Houpt.

He was arrested about an hour after the incident at a bar on Beach Drive. The victim reportedly suffered serious, but non-life threatening injuries and was taken to Bay Medical Center.  The suspect is charged with aggravated battery with a knife.


Just another example of the negative impact the rescue mission has had on our downtown area. This crime happened literally yards away from the front door of the rescue mission. The accused has been arrested previously and listed his address as “transient”. Why does our community continue to tolerate this nonsense? Why do we allow the management of the Rescue Mission to operate in a way that this is unacceptable? Why do we not insist that Billy Fox, PCRM board of directors and staff lower the profile of their facility in a way that we don’t have these problems plaguing our downtown area? When is enough enough?

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