A milestone and a disclaimer…

The blogging crew at “Move the mission” just reached our first full year of providing information about the issues of the PCRM and its effects on downtown. Additionally, we posted our one hundred and first post and lastly, we have just surpassed the 43,000 page view mark. We want to thank the many people in our community that understand the importance of the issues covered on our blog and have voiced their support and forwarded us information that was relevant to this topic.We would like to take this opportunity to clarify to our many new readers who we are and who we are not. We are a small group of individual who care about our downtown area. We created our blog twelve months ago to give voice to the issues of the PCRM that are local news media are unwilling to address head on. In addition to our small group of regular bloggers, we have individuals in our community that send us data on a regular basis that allow us to paint the bigger picture of the problems.  We are NOT  members of the cities task force, employees of the city or elected officials. We have no affiliation with the PCRM, the Bay Area Resource Center or any associated organizations. We own no property or have financial interest in the area of the PCRM that would become available with the closing of the PCRM . We have no interest in companies that will benefit from contracts issued by the the BARC to cover the cost new construction for buildings. Our only interest is to keep this issue upfront in the communities mind in a way that actions are taken that  best serve the community as a whole. This is an important issue for our community and we encourage all of our readers to learn ALL of the facts so as to be educated citizens on the topic.

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