What happens when our community does not watch…..

In a recent forum discussion about the homeless issue, the rescue mission and its effect on our downtown area one of the ongoing themes that those who support the rescue liked to bring to the discussion was that the Panama City Rescue Mission is a “Christian based organization doing God’s word” and that the mission is a “not a business but a community service organization providing services to our community”. It would be comical if the issue were not so serious to hear how some in our community will blindly buy into and support any activities of an organization if they label themselves as a  “Christian” or “Community service” organization. By operating under these banners, a percentage of our population will give the rescue mission a “pass” on being scrutinized on the details of how they operate, where money comes from or goes to , the direct affects on the community, the secondary effects on cost to tax payer for additional police presence, lowered property values and tax revenues. With a shingle over their doorstep professing to be a “Christian Homeless facility”, this percentage of our community will support the organization and denounce anyone else in our community that are willing to analyze the details and question the rescue mission management and board of directors on the specifics and hold them accountable for their activities. Take a look at the links below to see the results when other communities allowed a “Christian based homeless organization” to operate in their community without asking probing questions and demand openness and accountability to the community they serve. Is it appropriate to find out where money comes from and where it goes from the rescue mission? Is it a fair question to find out why our homeless rolls are “off the charts” compared to national averages? Should it concern us as a community that the rescue mission so aggressively attempts to expand into other cities that have zero homeless? These are just a few of many questions that need answering.










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