Another “top ten” list from the rescue mission facility

As part of the rescue missions branding efforts, they would like the community to “think” that those who use their facility are the “down on their luck veteran” or the “young family with child that have fallen on hard time”. Although this profile may be a small percentage of those being served, the reality is that the rescue mission is the host to a variety of different criminal elements. This posting of the “top ten” is just from the past 14 days.

Burglary, petit theft, larceny, trespassing

Criminal trespassing, prior arrest

Indecent exposure, three prior arrest

Burglary, battery on an officer, drug manufacturing, prior arrest

Petit larceny, four prior arrest

violation of probation, possession of listed chemical

loitering, prowling

drunk in public, nine prior arrest

Trespassing, SIXTEEN prior arrest

Drug dealer, prior arrest

Is this what we want in our community? Is this what we want to SUPPORT with our donation dollars? These are habitual criminals. When you open your check book and write a check to the Rescue Mission, you are bringing this behavior into your community.

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  1. Why are you putting peoples criminal records on a public forum? i question your motives here, because instead of being part of the solution, you are only pointing out faults. Are we casting stones now? Are you so perfect that you have no faults of your own? Where are the adults in this situation. Reading what is here is like reverting back to elementary school. You should be ashamed of yourself !!

    • WHat is a shame is when local media channels refuse to report on an issue in its completeness. What a shame is when an organization operates in a fashion that is detrimental to its surrounding community. What is a shame is when people in our community are unable to take emotion out of an issue and truly look at the details to make wise decisions for our city. The reason for the posting of public criminal records of occupants of a facility who were arrested for the short period of fourteen days is to report the facts of the issue. This is fact. You are not advocating that our community should be shielded or censored from the facts about a criminal element that is located in our neighborhood are you? Would you feel comfortable having these people homed in your neighborhood with your children or elderly parents? My motives are honorable. I, the other participants in this blogger and the over 200 people who have sent emails thanking us for our efforts all love our city and want it to be a wonderful place to live, work, dine, shop and raise our kids. is this not what you want from our community? There are no stones being thrown and no proclamations of perfection. There is however the commitment to not ignore the facts of such an important issue that effects everyone in our community. Solutions for any problem can never be found unless one is will to be honest with themselves and commit to look at the problems as they really are, pimples and all.


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