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Our local media are unwilling to fairly report all of the facts of the rescue missions effect on downtown businesses and property values. The “kid’s glove” approach towards the activities of the mission by media channels has allowed a continued distortion of the facts. By NOT telling the story in its completeness, media venues are doing our community a disservice. (You listening Caz?) Are they too worried about upsetting advertisers by not reporting the facts? Are they too unprofessional to not take sides on an issue and report information without bias? As many who follow our blog and have sent us emails know, we currently have over 150 readers each day with around 8000 total views since the blogs conception. In a recent facebook page posting we were asked the question by a reader, “Where would you move it?” Here is our response that we want to share with our readership;

Well that depends. The rescue mission management has made an “industry” out of processing vast numbers of homeless. By scouting out for larger and larger numbers of homeless from outside of communities other than our own, it has allowed them to become eligible for larger, nationally based grants. The rescue mission is a money making machine (by the way all this financial documentation is available on the website ( The reality is that as a “private” organization they have every right to create a business model on the backs of vagrants no matter how distasteful the reality of that is. What they DON’T have the right to do is have a negative impact on their neighboring property owners and surrounding businesses. The rescue mission has created the vagrancy problem downtown which has directly affected downtown businesses. So, this brings us back to your original question and my vague answer. If they want to continue to have a facility that processes large volumes of “homeless”, the rescue mission needs to relocate to an area that having large numbers of homeless will have no impact on surrounding neighbors. A farm like setting or in an area zoned as industrial would fit that bill. County commissioners have looked at the area around the 231 industrial park as a possible location.The alternative would be for the rescue mission to get back to the core principals that the organization was founded under to “help” those locals truly in need. But this action would require them to downsize and would effect the revenues of the facility and more importantly the incomes of those in charge (again, go to the website for a run down on salaries). Downsizing would give the rescue mission more options as far as location. At this point their activities would be in such a fashion that they could seamlessly blend into the community without affecting surrounding property values or businesses revenues. The rescue mission has had a toxic effect on downtown and downtown will continue to decline until the rescue mission is gone from downtown. Please visit our website for more info (
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