Bethel Village Expansion Larger than Downtown Mission

Panama City – If the Panama City Rescue Mission gets a development order for the Bethel Village expansion plan, it could eventually end up housing more people than at the downtown mission.

Phase one of the plan includes five new houses and would house more than one hundred women and children. Phase two and three have not been drawn up yet, but the mission director says if demand called for it, they could add fourteen more houses.

That means Bethel Village could eventually house more than two hundred people if needed. The mission downtown currently houses about 130 people.
Most of us living in the Springfield (Highland Park)area would like to believe that this is a great program to assist people, yet we will also state that it is a horrible idea to move the mission to our housing community. Phase one is not supposed to be 5 houses but a two story building to house 80 people. However, they say they won’t put a privacy fence around the area so all of us with homes beside the property will have to view people basically in our front yards. We have asked them why they can’t find property up 231 or 77 — away from homes, families and children playing. Plus, if you ever listen their “Preacher”, you will see how sneaky he sounds and hear how he plays the system. He seems to say and make promises he can’t keep. It is truly sad to see our dreams and property values decrease for the homes that we have worked hard so hard for… when they could move this project outside of town and not take our homes and community from us.
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