1000 piece jigsaw puzzle….

We all remember as children receiving a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas. As younger children the puzzles we received were quite simple with few pieces and easily identifiable images making the puzzle easy to solve. As we got older the puzzles were made up of larger quantities of pieces and the image of the puzzle was subtle in its colors so as to make the puzzle more challenging to complete. So goes the finances of the rescue Mission. They have intentionally created a a giant jigsaw puzzle regarding their funding making it a challenge for someone from outside the organization to have a clear understanding of where money comes from and where it goes.

“Movethemission” has done research to attempt to complete the puzzle with many of the pieces  still missing, but we have been able to put together sections of puzzle which begin to paint the picture of the finances of the rescue Mission.

Let’s take a peek at what we know so far:

The Panama City Rescue mission operates with an annual budget of well over two million dollars (2,000,000.00). The management of the rescue claim that these funds are privately raised  and they receive “no tax payer dollars”.  This proclamation on their part allows for many in the community to give the rescue mission carte blanche to operate however they want regardless of the affects they have on surrounding businesses or property owners. But is it really the case that they receive no tax payer money?  They may be able to make the point that they do not DIRECTLY receive tax payer monies, but does that fact ring true when one factors in monies that are filtered through other non-profit organizations? With a little research, one can see that there are multiple organizations in our community that as part of their charter are there to provide resources for the homeless. The interesting thing to note is how the same names appear and create an intermixing of different organizations. Let us start of with Mr. Rick Dye. Mr. Rick Dye is a former Regions Bank president living in Lynn Haven. Mr. Dye is also a former director of the Rescue Mission:


After his tenure with the Panama City Rescue Mission, Mr. Dye either founded or became director of “Homeless & Hunger Corporation of Northwest Florida” (http://www.nwfloridahomeless.org/).

Under the “about ” header on the organizations website they state the purpose of their organization as “The Homeless and Hunger Coalition of Northwest Florida, Inc is an umbrella organization that provides program support to the homeless service providers in our community”. Hmmm, so the Homeless and Hunger coalition doesn’t really DO anything themselves but they offer “program support” which should be read as “money” to other organizations. A quick scroll down the members index will place you firm on the Rescue Mission listing. So the Homeless and Hunger Coalition provides “program support” to the rescue mission…fair enough but where does the Homeless Coalition get THEIR money from??

According to the home page of their own website they are “Partially funded by the Florida department of Children And Families”. This is a state run agency that is funded directly with tax payer money. (http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/index.shtml) This Florida state agency operates with an annual budget of just over one-hundred, seventy nine million dollars. ($179,000,000.00 ) with program dollars specifically for homeless programs at eight-million, four-hundred thousand dollars ($ 8,435,260.00)


Wow! That is a lot of tax payer money going to homeless programs. But the Homeless and Hungry Coalition ‘s website says they are “partially funded” by the state agency. Partially is a quite subjective term and means something quite different in governmental double talk than it does to us in the private sector. According to the Homeless & Hungry coalitions  2009 federal 990 filing “partially” means 99.1% funded by a governmental unit.


Since 2005, This state agency has funded over eight hundred thousand ($806,699.00) through year 2009 to the Homeless and Hungry Coalition of Northwest Florida

But the readers of this blog can fairly ask the question, “how much if any of these tax dollars are actually being funneled into the coffers of the rescue mission?” As the rescue mission refuses to publicly disclose their donor list, this information remains quite the mystery. Although actual dollar amounts cannot be determined, one can get a good feel for the relationships and dynamics of the two organizations. We have already established that Mr. Dye is a former director of the mission giving him special insight to the needs of the mission, but what we have not shared with our readers is that Mr. Billy Fox is a former director of the Homeless & Hunger Coalition! The intermixing of these individuals and organizations is not by accident. This is the systematic practice of disguising financial information from the general public in a way to mislead.

What a tangled web we weave! But “movethemission” is not quite done with Mr. Dye.  It would appear that Mr. Dye has a couple of other “homeless” advocacy non-profit organizations. Mr. Dye founded the “Fellowship of Psalms 41 : 1-4 Inc” with Ms. Cyrethia Vines being named Director/President .

Little can be found on this organization. Through a web search there are no events or programs that are mentioned in any news media articles. But with an organization that has few officers and no well known activities, it is amazing that the organization has accumulated almost six million dollars in the form of a private foundation/ Charitable trust.


Mr Dyes goes further to establish still another homeless advocacy organization under the name of “Faithworks Interfaith ministries” (http://faithworksnetwork.com/index.html”). This organization was formed with Rick’s wife as an officer, Patti Dye along with Roland Vines, spouse of the officer of Fellowships of Psalms, Cyrethia Vines.

“Movethemission” was unable to find any financial date regarding Faithworks Interfaith Ministries.

An educated reader of this blog can conclude from this post that when it comes to the finances of the rescue mission, things are not exactly as the rescue mission would have you think. This organization is a cash cow made up of intertwined advocacy groups that shuffle money around like a shell game. Tax dollars  and public donations are being used to create huge revenues all on the back of the homeless and the naive community who donate their hard earned money to what they “think” is a an organization doing good things for the community.

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  1. Christy McElroy

     /  January 7, 2012

    Hello, Several concerned citizens in PSJ and myself are working towards the same goal. See the Star Newspaper this week and you will find me facing our City leaders. Would it be possible to meet? Christy


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