Rescue Mission brings their negative impact to another community….Port St. Joe

Dec. 6th, Port St. Joe Florida.

The Port St. Joe commisioners held a hearing this evening, ultimately issued a statement that they had no reason to not approve a business license for the Panama City Rescue Mission to open a branch in the City of Port St. Joe. Opposition indicated that such a business would create damaged property values as well as public safety threats. In addition to a high financial burden for the city to subsidize the needs of the operation- trasnportation, security (police), and medical treaments, that ultimately the taxpayers are on the hook for. Although Rescue Mission officials previously suggested they were interested in a full service mission drawing from a multi-county and multi-state pool of customers, the Mayor indictated he did not see that as their agenda.

This is the broken window. It starts with just an office and next Port St. Joe will see the same impact of a facility that draws vagrancy and has institutionalized the homeless. this is the wrong move on behalf of city officials in Port St. Joe. Please take the time to email city officials at the mails listed in the above directory.

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