Local students helping fellow students in need…a big thumbs up!

Forty-two Bay High school students are officially registered as homeless. But guidance counselors say there are probably more that aren’t registered.

Students in the newly formed focus group “Streetlights Outreach”, have organized a fundraiser they’re calling “cardboard clips”. They’ve arranged for Haney Technical’s Beauty School to come in and give three-dollar haircuts and manicures.

Nina Vallad, a Senior at Bay High, knows what it’s like to be a homeless teen. She lived in a tent for 7 months last year.

“It was hard because it was really, really cold and the worst storm of the year happened while I was in the tent,” said Vallad.

Last summer, one of Nina’s teachers took her in. Since then, she’s joined “Streetlights Outreach”, a focus group aimed at helping homeless students at the school.

“I think that a lot of the kids are shocked to hear that we have 42 registered teens here and they’re all concerned and they want to learn more and they want to help. So that’s nice,” said Sahara Peters, Co-Chair of the event

“The idea came from these free tickets that I came upon for hair  cuts and I was like, I just joined the street lights and I was like, you know how can we put these together?,” said Nathan Beck, a Co-Chair of the event.

In addition to raising money through the cardboard clips fundraiser, students in clubs at Bay High donated items like blankets and deodorant. All of it will be put into backpacks and given to the registered homeless students at Bay High.

“So these students are physically putting together the care packages and so they’re understanding what these teens need and what we as average, non-homeless teens take for granted,” said Beck.

Nina says knows from experience how much the items will mean.

“I lived in a tent from December to May and I experienced the coldest day of the year where I came home at 10 o’clock at night and my tent was froze over,” said Nina Vallad.

More than 60 students have bought tickets for cardboard clips. The money will go to an account set-up with Anchorage Children’s Home for future events.


This is a great example of what our community can do to when they put their mind to really helping one another. This is the right way to do it. These great kids saw first hand how they could help someone they personally know and have put a plan in action that  will have a lasting impact on their fellow students. No creating headaches or heartaches for other students, no multimillion dollar budgets, no corporate marketing machines just a group of fantastic local students doing the right thing. A big thumbs up. Move the mission” is working to get the contact information for this youth group and will post donation information when available. We would encourage our readers to donate during the holidays to groups like this grass root organization who will have the most impact on our local citizens. 

UPDATE: “Move the Mission” has received contact information for our readers to get in touch with these students and contribute to their efforts. Readers can call Bay County high school at (850) 767-4600 and speak with the principals assistant, Marian. She is the coordinating staff member for this group. 

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