A voice from Port St. Joe, Florida

Dear Editor:

Recently I was involved with a local committee that wanted to see that the homeless in our county received proper help.

Our original concept included only overnight shelter from the elements and a meal to help them the next day, including transportation to the Bay County Rescue Mission if they desired. That concept evolved into having the Rescue Mission of Bay County set up a satellite program here. The Gulf County Hope Committee was not given any decision-making abilities or authority. That would be exclusively under the direction of the new director for the satellite and the board of the Rescue Mission. The committee accepted this.

As time passed I felt that there were conflicting philosophies that were not acceptable to me. I declined being on the board of the Rescue Mission and also resigned from my position as chairman of the committee several weeks ago and do not have any connection with the committee or Rescue Mission.

I am most hopeful that the end results will be helpful to those who need services and also very much desire the integrity of downtown Port St. Joe and its neighboring communities remain uncompromised.

Mary Virginia DePue

Here is a voice of reason. Ms. DePue is like most in our communities who feel compelled to help those truly in need get the helping hand up and return to being contributing members of society. Ms. DePue saw the mission for what it is as an organization that will consume a community. The rescue mission is not a community based organization that works quietly to bring people back in the fold while complimenting the surrounding neighbors. No, the reality is that the rescue is about big money with multimillion dollar revenues each year. They employee a national company that helps them hone in on multiple grants and have a well oiled fundraising machine that allows for upper management to receive healthy salaries. Thank you Ms. DePue for seeing through the smoke and mirrors.

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  1. Steve

     /  December 18, 2011

    Please keep in mind, according to the Florida department of family and child services, GULF COUNTY HAS ZERO (0) HOMELESS. As such any Recue Mission business conducted in Gulf County requires importation of homeless.


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