Voices from the community…..

“Most are homeless by choice. They do not mind the care-free life. No bills, no obligations, and no responsibility. My husband works construction and has stopped and asked several times if they would like to work that day and make extra money. EVERYTIME they have said no. You cannot help those who do not wish to help themselves”     Melissa, Panama City, Fl.

“We took some out of town friends to Oktoberfest today and I was embarrassed at the homeless on  the streets of downtown. Panama City has become the homeless Capital of the world!. Our friends made the statement that they had never seen so many homeless people in one place, I said “welcome to Panama City” ”  John, Panama City, Fl.

” If you ban the Rescue Mission from giving free stuff to non-Bay county residents, lock up the vagrants roaming the streets and using Bay Medical Centers emergency room as a motel, the problem would go away within a few months. There is a lot of criminal behavior surrounding the rescue mission. just today, I had to take back a $1,000 wheelchair that two bums at the rescue mission had stolen from Bay Medical center. I was sooo close to asking a Panama City police officer to arrest them.”  Brian, Panama City, Fl.

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