Numbers mean something…..

  • $2,093,239.00    total revenues generated by the rescue mission for the fiscal year 2008
  • $635,369.00   rescue mission annual salaries and wages (amazing piece of data as their “clients” are people who have no jobs)
  • $40,493.00   rescue mission employee benefits
  • $165,232.00  rescue mission fundraising expenses
  • $75,000.00  Annual salary paid to director of rescue mission, Billy Fox
  • undisclosed- Salary of Mrs. Fox as Director of Ministries
  • $40,890 median family income for Panama City residence
  • $1,224,911.00  Book value of land, buildings and equipment
  • $10,000,000.00 amount that Billy fox is demanding to sell the rescue mission property
  • 504 number of calls responded to by the Panama City Police department to the rescue address last year.
  • 72 number of arrest made at the rescue address last year
  • 15% percentage of ALL calls to PCPD made to locations within one-half mile radius of rescue mission
  • 49,106 number of “lodging” at the rescue mission in year 2010
  • 36,417 population of Panama City, 2000 census
  • 32% percentage of  vacant downtown retail space

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