Panama City officer bit on head at rescue mission….

PANAMA CITY — A police officer was bitten on the head by a man who had been asked to leave the Panama City Rescue Mission after a confrontation with a staff member Tuesday afternoon.

Staff at the shelter called police after Karim Bien-Aime, 31, had an altercation with a staff member that ended when the man poked the staff member and was asked to leave, according to Billy Fox, executive director of the Rescue Mission. The suspect then moved outside, but “by the time police arrived the guy was out of control,” said Fox, who was not present at the time.

Bien-Aime did bite a Panama City Police officer, Sgt. Jeff Becker confirmed. The officer, whose name was not released, was treated for minor injuries.

Bien-Aime was taken to Bay Medical Center to be treated for head injuries, Becker said. Police used a stun-gun to subdue Bien-Aime, which caused him to fall to the ground and he smacked his head on the pavement. The blood was scrubbed off the pavement after Bien-Aime had been taken away.

According to Becker, Bien-Aime refused to leave the Rescue Mission and resisted police attempts to detain him. He hit the officer in the left eye and knocked him to the ground, and then he bit the officer on the top of his head.

There are a number of communicable diseases the officer might have been exposed to, Becker added. In some cases, police obtain a court order for blood tests on a suspect accused of biting an officer.

The Rescue Mission is taking steps to get a legally binding order to prohibit the man from returning, Fox said. Bien-Aime was a new face at the mission and could be welcomed back at some point in the event meets certain requirements, Fox said.

Bien-Aime was released from the Bay County Jail Aug. 18, where he had been held on charges that included theft and resisting an officer, said Warden Rick Anglin. He was booked into the jail again Tuesday on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, Anglin said.

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