Man reports abduction, sexual assault at rescue mission

PANAMA CITY — Investigators are searching for a man wanted in connection to a kidnapping and sexual assault.

A man contacted the Bay County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday after he freed himself and returned to Bay County after being raped, kidnapped, bound and left in his car in Pensacola, authorities said. He was taken to a hospital for injuries he sustained during the ordeal.

The suspect had checked into the Rescue Mission earlier that day under the name Troy Whitehead, but investigators said they believe that might not be his real name. He is described as a white male, about 38 to 42 years old, about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 175 pounds.

The suspect was photographed by an ATM security camera withdrawing money from the victim’s bank account early Wednesday. Anyone with information about the suspect or his whereabouts should contact investigator Jason Daffin with the BCSO at 850-248-2115.

According to the victim, he met a man at a bar Tuesday night and contracted him to do some repair work at his home that night. When the suspect came inside the man’s home, he tied up the victim and sexually assaulted him, investigatorsr reported.

The suspect also forced the victim to turn over his banking information, then used the victim’s money to buy drugs, according to authorities.

Either late Wednesday or early Thursday, the suspect used the victim’s car to drive with the victim to Pensacola, where he tied the victim up and left him in his car. The victim was able to free himself and drive back to Bay County, where he contacted the Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

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