If you profess to be a “Christian based charity” and you tell a lie…is it still called a lie?

“Springfield Police Chief Philip Thorne said in April the most serious issue at the property occurred that month when a domestic violence incident occurred.  Billy Fox, facility director said during a city commission meeting it was an “isolated event” and the first time it happened in six years. Thorne said last month that since April 2004 when the Rescue Mission obtained the property, police have responded to the location 29 times, which includes calls for illness, injuries, thefts, trespass and other issues. He said he would not classify any of the issues as serious but noted that the number does not include responses that occurred in the surrounding area.”

Read more: http://www.newsherald.com/articles/expanding-93632-problems-service.html#ixzz1emjQEA14

During the meeting Norton repeatedly pointed to the vagrants in downtown Panama City as proof that a mission or mission work in Port St. Joe would create the same problem. Opponents also say that Fox and Atkinson keep changing their story about the Port St. Joe office. One minute it’s for fundraising, the next they are doing a needs assessment, opponents said. The opponents also seemed convinced that Fox is being forced out of Panama City and Springfield and is trying to relocate the entire mission to Port St. Joe. They say this even though the office the mission is leasing looks, from the outside at least, like it could barely hold 10 people and even then only if those people slept standing up.”

Read more: http://www.newsherald.com/articles/port-94881-rescue-fire.html#ixzz1eml4puMG

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