“Billy can you spare a dime?”

The “homeless business” can be quite lucrative. As many downtown businesses have struggled to remain profitable with many that have had to close their doors. A shining star in the revenues department is our very own Panama City rescue mission run by Mr. Billy Fox. As the director of the Rescue mission, Mr. Fox commands an annual salary of $75,000 per year paid by the rescue mission. Mr. Billy Fox’s wife, Ms. Carol Fox serves as the “Director of ministries” for the organization and her salary although not publicly disclosed is pulled from the over $635,000 in annual wages and salaries that are paid out to salaried and hourly employees, she could easily be in the $50,000 salary range. The combined incomes would put the Fox household in at over $125,000 per year. This income entitles Mr. & Mrs. Fox to be in the top one percent income level of Bay County.  This may better explain Mr. Fox’s “commitment to the homeless”. This is just the monies that are publicly disclosed. It is easy to fathom that Mr. Fox could receive income as a “consultant” to other municipalities on how to alleviate their vagrant problem. Of course his answer is to ship them down to Panama City on the bus. Without an ever escalating number of homeless requiring services, income through grants dries up. Is it appropriate for a director to receive such a salary all on the backs of the homeless and the naive community who donate their hard earned dollars to his organization thinking he is doing something positive while he is furthering the decline of his neighboring businesses?

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