Bay County Sheriff reports rescue mission part of vagrant problem in downtown

I will concede that it is a law enforcement issue, but law enforcement is only a small portion of the solution. Others including the Panama City Rescue Mission, the city and county government, businesses, citizens and churches also need to participate in defining the specific problem that needs to be solved, as well as how to address this issue,” he wrote in the letter that was part of a larger report on homelessness.In the report, McKeithen wrote that factors that contribute to the homeless problem downtown include the Rescue Mission, day labor facilities, low-rent motels and the availability of alcohol.”

This information is from a report prepared by Sheriff McKeithen after researching data for 25 days on our local vagrancy problem. The rescue mission facility is the DRAW that brings the criminal element into downtown that is then amplified by day labor facilities and low rent motels. If the mission were closed, the low-rent hotels and day labor facilities would disappear from our downtown area.

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